Restaurant Window Eye Candy

In print by Haley Wilkins / April 28, 2014 / Comments are closed

We recently designed window graphics for Mexican restaurant, Cocina de Carlos, in Perrysburg, Ohio. What a difference these made! We just love looking at them – and may we recommend the Chicken Jalepeno fajitas? Equally breathtaking.

Restaurant window graphics
Restaurant window graphics

Optimized Conservatories

In print, web by Haley Wilkins / April 16, 2014 / Comments are closed

Optimized Conservatories was born from the idea that there was a way to offer the same high-end European conservatories that meet the stringent North American building codes but with a smaller price tag. Optimized Conservatories offers a certain set of room sizes and options that meet the sweet spot of economical manufacturing and yield — and significant savings. Information on sizes and options available are located on their website.


Go Packers!

In web by Haley Wilkins / April 10, 2014 / Comments are closed

Today we launched a website for South East Wisconsin Sunrooms. They offer amazingly stunning sunrooms, breathtaking conservatories, and a number of options for those DIY’ers out there.


Spinoni not Spumoni

In web by Haley Wilkins / March 19, 2014 / Comments are closed

My family is partial to the Spinoni Italiano breed of dogs, and ours just happens to be at my feet most of the day as I plow through the latest project here at Winged Design. We recently set up a new website for fellow Spin lovers… and they just happen to have two litters of puppies if you feel so inclined. Enjoy!

PS – Spumoni is an Italian dessert. Spinoni’s are so much sweeter.


Reelin’ them in

We’ve recently been working with a new type of client… The Great Lakes Largemouth Series (here is their website). They run a series of bass angler tournaments across Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. They needed some postcards to hand out at the Detroit Boat Show and we were just the team to whip them up – just in the nick of time too!


Special Edition

Newsletter Cover Design Infographic

Each month I have the pleasure of wrapping 8 pages of well-written content with a newsletter design for Fourth Dimension Financial Group. For a year, we’ve been able to systemize the process and make it a painless one with much success. This month though they requested something a bit different. Something to commemorate the anniversary. It’s been a year since we started this recurring project and well – so much has happened in a year’s time. A lot of really great things. (Can’t divulge it all just yet, but will SOON!)

My approach for the cover, pictured here, was a simple one. I sorted through the last 11 months of articles and pulled a snippet from each one. From that I created a simple infographic making those chosen words into the number one. I really like the simplicity of this design. It really speaks to the subscribers who have enjoyed their tidbits of retirement and financial planning knowledge over the last year and makes a lasting impression.



Tradeshow Eye Candy

Tradeshow Graphics

I had a specific request from a good client of mine who asked me to share this. This is a small sampling of tradeshow graphics to fit a 10 foot booth space prepared for a dealer recently for Transitions Sunrooms.

Copying is a form of flattery, thank you.