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Betty’s Dressing

It happens from time to time that we get reminded of how incredibly lucky we are. We are  thankful daily to have a “job” that is hard to call work. To have clients that are so genuine. On a day to day basis we are truly grateful for what we have. But then there’s a client that makes our “job” even better. And to top it off – they are from our local community so we get to share our synergistic entrepreneurial spirits in person. Enter the team behind Betty’s Dressing. Two brothers, two families, third generation owners.

We digitized their logo, created multiple print pieces including business cards, recipe cards and food retailer materials. Their website is underway.



Special Edition

Newsletter Cover Design Infographic

Each month I have the pleasure of wrapping 8 pages of well-written content with a newsletter design for Fourth Dimension Financial Group. For a year, we’ve been able to systemize the process and make it a painless one with much success. This month though they requested something a bit different. Something to commemorate the anniversary. It’s been a year since we started this recurring project and well – so much has happened in a year’s time. A lot of really great things. (Can’t divulge it all just yet, but will SOON!)

My approach for the cover, pictured here, was a simple one. I sorted through the last 11 months of articles and pulled a snippet from each one. From that I created a simple infographic making those chosen words into the number one. I really like the simplicity of this design. It really speaks to the subscribers who have enjoyed their tidbits of retirement and financial planning knowledge over the last year and makes a lasting impression.



The Ultimate Home Addition


K2 Conservatories are just breathtaking. They’ll transform any home into a work of art. The quality and caliber of this system blows every other want-to-be conservatory company away. Pictured here is a poster design for K2. We also re-developed their website here.


Getting Published

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Stacey Weckstein, owner of Nutrition for Business Owners (view online) is getting published. Stacey has been a client of Winged Design now for a few years and is based out of Weston, Florida. She concentrates her business on busy professionals.

“So often nutrition is overlooked as a strategy to enhance performance in the workplace.” Her chapter, “Fuel your Success,” in the book titled, “The Next Big Thing” addresses this issue.

The Next Big Thing book

The book comes out early next year.

Congratulations Stacey! Follow her on Twitter.


Cocktails and Couture

The past few months have been incredibly rewarding for me. I am so fortunate to have THE BEST clients in the world.

V Couture grand opening
Valentine and Elizabeth Ononye – An incredible moment for an incredible couple.

Recently, I attended V Couture’s grand opening, Cocktails and Couture. (Channel 13 coverage with Lissa Guyton) Months of work for my team in branding materials for their high class Perrysburg retail store was nothing compared to the years of dedication, heart, and strong path of dedication it took Valentine and Elizabeth to get to this point. And this is just the beginning. Great success comes to great people like them.

Kyle Pinsonneault, Daniel Dolce, Haley Wilkins
Kyle Pinsonneault, Daniel Dolce, and me: Haley Wilkins

I had the luxurious opportunity to meet Daniel Dolce, international Italian menswear designer, as well as Kyle Pinsonneault, a spokesmodel and pre-Olympic swimmer. Look/root for him at the 2012 Olympic trials!

Copying is a form of flattery, thank you.