WingedDesign breaks from the norm – and when we say we are different, we actually mean it. We offer unique – yet practical designs. After all, you should expect the quality and level of service you’ve been craving.

Logo Design

Let us create a custom identity for you and your company. It’s all about speaking to the right market with the right message in the right way. And it’s something that our clients think we do well.

  • Logo and Identity
  • Branding Design

Web Design

Just being online isn’t enough. It’s about being online, having an effective site and getting people there that matter to your business. We offer a balance of custom design and strategy with your goals in mind.

Want  to self manage your site? Great. We hate to ball and chain clients to us like some other designers do. Let us help you set up a web site that you can (easily) maintain yourself. We develop sites in Drupal and Word Press.

  • E-Commerce
  • Compliance – Section 508/W3C/Bobby. You have a handicap ramp in front of your store – shouldn’t your web site be just as accessible?
  • Site and Mailing List Hosting
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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Advertising Design

Get your name out there – loud and proud. You spend time and energy branding your business. Why not add your business brand to all those emails you send every day? What about a monthly newsletter? You can even plaster your company logo across the side of your Winnebago.

  • HMTL Branded Email
  • Branded Newsletters
  • Billboards
  • Vehicle Graphics

Print Design

What kind of printed material do you need for your business to run efficiently? Let us help you with what you really need and none of what you don’t.

    • Business Cards
    • Letterhead Stationary
    • Brochures
    • Invitations
    • Binders
    • Postcards
    • Magazine Ads
    • Posters

Online Media Packages

Online media offers advertisers the ability to reach niche markets at a very reasonable cost. The right medium depends on your objective(s). The management and media spend is all built into one price for simplicity. Contact us to get started.

  • Packages are all available month-to-month; a 2 month minimum is recommended for best results
  • Multi-platform mix: social, search, display, video and radio
  • Custom media plan included
  • Reports provided weekly, campaigns analyzed and optimized bi-weekly
  • Pay-per-click not by impressions; Impressions are free (with exception to Pandora)
  • Direct buying, no middle man fees
Online Media Packages
Each medium offers a different way to share your message.

Us vs. Them

You will be hard pressed to find all or even some of these benefits being offered by other organizations since most others:

  • Fit you into one of their packages
  • Charge you by impressions (not actual clicks)
  • Require a minimum run time
  • Do not analyze and optimize during the campaign
  • Do not offer a media plan that includes a full range of platforms since they’re generally tied to one specific platform
Copying is a form of flattery, thank you.