Out with the Old, In with the New

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Dundee Pines PostcardWe recently revamped the branding and marketing materials for Dundee Pines, an apartment community that was recently renovated. A photo shoot was done, website was given a facelift, social networking integration, and direct mail postcards designed and mailed to round out the initial effort.


Breaking down technology barriers

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NAMI Wood County OhioWe worked with NAMI Wood County to create a site that accomplished a number of goals: enhanced their brand, reach out to more individuals, provide easy to find information for both the public and volunteers. But most importantly, provide accessible information for those with disabilities.

There are a lot of technology barriers for the disabled. Did you know that if you are a Federal agency you are by law required to have a Section 508 compliant site? Even with this 1998 amendment it has yet to become a truly enforced standard – leaving the disabled without fair access to information.

Private web sites not receiving federal funds do not need to comply to Section 508, however it is a good industry practice and a voluntary standard called W3C was created for the lack of enforcement.

NAMI Wood County’s website is both Section 508 and W3C Compliant. Additional features include newsletter integration, blog, social networking, and shopping cart.


Client Visit

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I recently finally got to meet a longtime client of ours from Kissimmee, Florida. They have an incredible vacation home for DisneyWorld vacationers called Lucky Emerald located in Emerald Island. My team and I have been lucky enough to help them with their web presence complete with a flash slideshow and client maintained calendar integration. All of our clients are referred to us from word of mouth and with that, we often don’t get the chance to meet all of our clients face to face very often.

It was great to finally meet with you Tamara, and meeting your family. Ava is a doll!

Lucky Emerald is a vacation home close to DisneyWorld in Florida. Accommodations include kitchen, multiple bedrooms, pool, and more. Visit their website at for more information.


Getting Published

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Stacey Weckstein, owner of Nutrition for Business Owners (view online) is getting published. Stacey has been a client of Winged Design now for a few years and is based out of Weston, Florida. She concentrates her business on busy professionals.

“So often nutrition is overlooked as a strategy to enhance performance in the workplace.” Her chapter, “Fuel your Success,” in the book titled, “The Next Big Thing” addresses this issue.

The Next Big Thing book

The book comes out early next year.

Congratulations Stacey! Follow her on Twitter.


Will Work for Squeaky Shoes

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I could not resist falling in love with this client. Mostly because she’s incredibly FUN to work with and my kids have the best dressed feet around. 🙂 Working with a company that has a fun and quality product makes my job easy.

A retail Drupal website providing the client full access to update their own site, anytime day or night.

Retail childrens shoe website


Cocktails and Couture

The past few months have been incredibly rewarding for me. I am so fortunate to have THE BEST clients in the world.

V Couture grand opening
Valentine and Elizabeth Ononye – An incredible moment for an incredible couple.

Recently, I attended V Couture’s grand opening, Cocktails and Couture. (Channel 13 coverage with Lissa Guyton) Months of work for my team in branding materials for their high class Perrysburg retail store was nothing compared to the years of dedication, heart, and strong path of dedication it took Valentine and Elizabeth to get to this point. And this is just the beginning. Great success comes to great people like them.

Kyle Pinsonneault, Daniel Dolce, Haley Wilkins
Kyle Pinsonneault, Daniel Dolce, and me: Haley Wilkins

I had the luxurious opportunity to meet Daniel Dolce, international Italian menswear designer, as well as Kyle Pinsonneault, a spokesmodel and pre-Olympic swimmer. Look/root for him at the 2012 Olympic trials!

Copying is a form of flattery, thank you.