The Toledo Pregnancy Center Greater Toledo Logo

Small World Sweet Endings

We have been fortunate enough to be referred from client to client for the last 10 years in business. We rarely step out of our cozy rolling chairs to advertise and market ourselves – we truly do save our efforts for our clients. Recently, The Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo contacted us to create a logo for their annual fundraiser. It so happens we’ve worked with the Outreach Manager there years before with another foundation. Our commitment to them during their previous position prompted them to call us again. Even sweeter, it turns out their new volunteer coordinator is a colleague of mine. So having the chance to work with them and supporting the ministry of The Pregnancy Center of Greater Toledo is in all a very satisfying and fortunate place to be.

Sweet Endings is their annual fundraiser. Here’s a sneak peek at the approved logo. Enjoy.


Copying is a form of flattery, thank you.