Special Edition

Newsletter Cover Design Infographic

Each month I have the pleasure of wrapping 8 pages of well-written content with a newsletter design for Fourth Dimension Financial Group. For a year, we’ve been able to systemize the process and make it a painless one with much success. This month though they requested something a bit different. Something to commemorate the anniversary. It’s been a year since we started this recurring project and well – so much has happened in a year’s time. A lot of really great things. (Can’t divulge it all just yet, but will SOON!)

My approach for the cover, pictured here, was a simple one. I sorted through the last 11 months of articles and pulled a snippet from each one. From that I created a simple infographic making those chosen words into the number one. I really like the simplicity of this design. It really speaks to the subscribers who have enjoyed their tidbits of retirement and financial planning knowledge over the last year and makes a lasting impression.


Copying is a form of flattery, thank you.